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Colombian Flower Pomps



Cushions <

Spray chrysanthemums are versatile pompoms  that are adaptable to all markets around the world which we have available in all colors through all 4 seasons. As they do not have a visible center, they are widely used by designers. They have an excellent vase life, and are Ideal for generating volume in bouquets and arrangements. 


Daisies <

They are very popular all over the world for sales in Supermarkets and florists shops. We have a wide range of varieties, shapes and colors which can be dispatched daily by air and sea.  As chrysanthemums, they offer resistance and long vase life. Sayonara grows the best varieties available on the market!


Novelties <

With the aim of enriching the assortments and designs of professionals, we offer our clients an innovative Spray chrysanthemums with various shapes and colors while preserving the duration and endurance of pompoms. Sayonara produces the best varieties available in the market which we grown all year round.


Buttons <

Sayonara grows the best available varieties of buttons in all 4 seasons. We offer a range of pompoms with numerous flowers and attractive colors that vary with demand. They are ideal to attract attention and add value to assortments and bouquets.