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Mass Market Flowers in Colombia

Mass market

We are experts in Mass Market: Farm-Made Arrangements, Bouquets, Petite Bouquets, Tinted / Painted & Consumer Bunches.

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Colombian Flower Arrangments
Colombian Petitte Flower Bouquets

Arrangements <

See a sample of our innovation, creativity and versatility made on our farms by expert hands guided by our professional designers. They are long-lasting creations, ready to use and perfect for the whole year! Everyday and seasonal designs with oasis base with hundreds of possibilities in colors and shapes that are available in 3 sizes; Special boxes packed by 12, 6 or 3 units. 

At Cultivos Sayonara we are leaders in the manufacture and export of farm-made arrangements! 

Bouquets <

Supermarket and chain store favorites! Recipes designed in our farms throughout the year by professionals with endless colors and shapes that are accompanied by innovative and attractive packaging.  


At Cultivos Sayonara we have more than 10 years of experience in this segment, which guarantees our quality. 

Colombian Petite Premium Flowers

Petite Premium <

Made to order with unique recipes; Bouquets 30/35 centimeters long, ready to be displayed in a vase. Exclusive designs focused on a demanding segment! 

Seasonal Flowers in Colombia

Seasons <

We have products for each of the main floral seasons: Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas, all Saints, Patriotic Holidays, Thanksgiving and Daily Consumption! 

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