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Yellow flowers in Colombia


For 30 years, Cultivos Sayonara has focused on the production of cut flowers with high quality standards. 

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Logo Rosado Sayonara Colombia

Sayonara Central Offices <

In the mid-1990s, Cultivos Sayonara opened it's doors with an operation in The Oriente Antioqueño (Colombia). Since then, our business management has focused on corporate strengthening and Global Growth, preserving our pillars: Fair labor for our employees and quality with constancy for all our clients.

Currently we have a wide range of products that allow us to innovate in the market according to trends and seasons.

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Maritime Transport Colombia

Logistics and Operations <

We currently export to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Chile, The United Kingdom, Holland, Japan, Australia, Spain, Uruguay and Panama. For this, we are experts in international logistics both by air and by sea consolidating maritime Operations.


In our facilities we load the containers that go directly to the ports, reflecting our ability to export consolidated containers with other products that are produced in other cities.

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Certifications <

The RAINFOREST and BASC certifications reflect the seriousness of our work; Logistics assurance with high standards and the care for our employees. This way we promote a positive work environment and experience to be recognized as leaders in the industry. Additionally, we are a reflection of our commitment to the environment, with I-REC certification, we produce with energy from 100% renewable sources.

Colombian Team <

Our team is comprised of global experts, passionate professionals, whose motivation and dedication to their work is vital to Sayonara's success.

Chief Executive Officer - Diego Alejandro Gonzalez.


Chief Logistic Officer - Yeison Patiño.


Chief Operations Officer - Liliana Ceballos.


Chief Marketing Officer - Carlos Marín.


Chief Human Resource Officer - Johana Alvarado.

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