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Colombian Flowers


Tender and freshly directly cut from our fields, this is how our flowers are!!! We protect and take care of our fields with efficient and friendly processes to guarantee their sustainability in all our future generations.

Colombian Pomp
Colombian Premium Pomp
Colombian Siper Pomp
Colombian Cremon Disbuid
Colombian Alstroemeria
Dyed colombian flower

Pomps <

The Pomps or Maules (Chile) are one of the products with more varieties available with the possibility of changing during the year: colors, shapes and textures following the seasons and tastes of our clients!  


Being the main product of the Sayonara Holding, we grow them at 2,600 meters of altitude and export them to 4 continents, all year round.

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Premium Pomps <

We call Premium Pompoms to the pomps that are grown with special techniques and have greater size, weight, number of flowers and are used in arrangements and bouquets of high added value.  They are also grown for markets that have higher quality standards, such as Europe, Australia, Chile and Japan.

Spider <

Like chrysanthemums, Spiders are hardy, long-lasting, colorful and varied. They are used as focal flowers in arrangements and bouquets. They are associated with Happiness, given their vivacity!  


We dedicate an exclusive farm for it's cultivation, from where we export to 4 continents, 52 weeks a year! 

Cremones (Disbuds) <

Blooming chrysanthemum (a single flower) that gives more shapes and colors. It's highly versatile, durable, colorful and adaptable. We have all colors and shapes which we rotate with each seasons. We grow and export our Cremones or Disbuds to 4 continents, all year round.

Alstroemeria <

The Perennial plant is native to the Andean Region, it's one of the best known and most used flowers in the world.  We are one of the few companies that grow Alstroemeria in Antioquia, which allows us to have a wider offer and more varied arrangements!

Tinted <

Either by absorption or sprayed, we dye our products to achieve striking seasonal colors! At Sayonara we are experts in Pompon and disbuds dyeing and painting techniques, following environmental protocols and complying with the parameters of our clients.

Colombian Filler Flower

Fillers <

Fillers give exclusivity, volume, color and beauty to our products. They are planted by the Sayonara Group with the aim of having it's own production for arrangements and bouquets. 

Premium Pomps
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